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Kseniya Simonova: «You Are the Champion!»

Kseniya Simonova: «You Are the Champion!»

Kseniya Simonova: «You Are the Champion!»

The Lady of the Sand is sharing a new sand film. It is devoted to a real champion, a person who fights. Marina Loskutova from Kseniya’s native city of Evpatoriya, was considered to be one of the most prominent little sportsmen in free callisthenics. But in February 2013 all her big plans and hopes crashed — she was diagnosed cancer. Diagnosis: nephroblastoma (kidney cancer) stage 4, lung metastases, posterior mediastinum, the skeleton (Th VII), 2nd clinical group.

Kseniya was approached by the volunteers of Marina who asked her to create a sand film about her.

When I knew the story of this little girl, I was deeply impressed by her will to fight. Yes, she is a real Champion, but not the champion of Ukraine, and even not the champion of the world. Her title is bigger. I can call her the Champion of the Universe in its greatest meaning. Because the fight for life is rather a bigger work than even the best fight for the first place... I hope my sand film will help Marina to continue this fight and I believe she will be a winner.

If someone is able to her help her financially — that is great as the sum for the treatment in Germany is 253,000 euro, and there is an extremely little time...

Here is the link to the group of Marina Loskutova where you can find all information. Though the group is in Russian, but you can write there (on the wall) to send you the information in English and the volunteers will be happy to do this.

So, enjoy watching and let the dream come true!




Hi Simonova!

I’m a french guy, very concerned by Marina, her story, her talent, her illness, her fight, her will, her parents, her friends, even if I don’t know her.
I saw your video and I was touched. You succeed to describe and share all her hard way and I was near tears.
If many people see your clip and some of them send a bit of money, she surely will win and heal.
It’s my wish and my hope for her. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift !

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