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Kseniya Simonova presented a Sand Story specially for the King’s of Thailand Anniversary

Kseniya Simonova presented a Sand Story specially for the King’s of Thailand Anniversary

Kseniya Simonova presented a Sand Story specially for the King’s of Thailand Anniversary

The Kingdom of Thailand has invited Kseniya Simonova to perform at the Royal Fest devoted to the Anniversary of His Majesty the King Rama IX. This year the King’s birthday is a very special date for the Buddism because 12 years make a Cicle, 7 is a sacred number, so 7×12 which makes 84 is a sacred Anniversary. This year the celebrations of His Royal Majesty’s birthday in Bangkok had a great international meaning.

Kseniya Simonova has a big experience in creating sand stories and performing for the Kings and Presidents of many countries, but this performance was special because the music for Kseniya’s sand story was written by the King.

«This invitation was very honorable for me», — says the Lady of the Sand. — «It had a big peculiarity because the music which I used in my artwork was sent to us by the inviting side. It is very rare when we allow someone to instruct us (Kseniya and her Husband and Producer Igor Pascaru) in the creative side of our work. Actually we always chose the music which will suit the sand story ourselves. But this time the invitation from Thailand had a strict rule: „The music for the animation must be the one which is sent from the Thai side“. We loaded the audio file, listened to the music... and were stunned. It was so beautiful, so unusual and touching that we were deeply impressed. Can you imagine our surprise when we knew that the author of the music was... His Royal Majesty!»

The storyboard which more than 6 month was a secret for the press, was devoted to the King’s achievements concerning the environmental problems of Thailand (draughts and floods), about His kind and sympatric heart, about His love for His people and their endless love for His Majesty.

«The preparation period of this sand story took about 5 month. Honestly, it was the longest one in my practice», — confesses the Ukrainian Sand Artist. — «During that period I was studying a great variety of materials devoted to His Majesty Pumipon Adulyadet, about His life and activity as the King. Many of these facts shocked me — since He was young, the King Rama IX devoted His life to His country, from the very beginning He knew He will do everything possible for the prosperity and blossom of Thailand. His first and the only wish is to make His people happy. So, there is no surprise that in Thailand He is more than a national hero. I created my Sand Story about His Majesty after reading His biography, and this artwork is very sincere. With its help I want to thank His Majesty for being such Person, for being a true Example for everyone», — says Kseniya Simonova.

The Lady of the Sand prepared not only a live performance which she presented in Thailand on 5th and 6th of January. Together with the she has shot a sand film about His Majesty. The shooting process took place in October 2011 in Kseniya’s mother town Evpatoriya (Ukraine).

«At first the Thai team wanted me to shoot the film in Thailand, the mother country of the King. But I gave them some advantages of shooting the Film in Crimea (the region in the South of Ukraine where Kseniya’s town Evpatoriya is situated). My Sand Studio called „The Sand Club“ is the only studio with a special equipment for shooting the sand films. My team which is called is the only specialized team for assisting the sand shooting. In my studio we shot the materials for the world famous companies — „Reuters“, „The Sunday Times“, „Sony Music Entertainment“, „Deutsche Welle“ , for the television of Japan, Norway, Canada, Germany and Bahrain. No more studio in the world has such an advanced equipment for working with sand as mine one. And of course I really wanted the Thai people to come to my place to see and enjoy amazing sight and culture», — Kseniya admits.

«When we first met in Evpatoriya, I had an impression that we know each other for many years. They are really warm, easy and honest people, very patient and creative. And they worked very professionally. They are real professionals. We shot the film «Long Live the King» in three days, and after that the Thai team was shooting the «backstage film» — about how it was created, discussed and recorded. I told in the interview about my real and sincere feelings which I had during preparation and shooting. When the guys had to leave, all my team and all my family didn’t want them to go, especially my son Dima who has really fallen in love with them. Since them he is crazy about Thailand, when someone comes to him, Dima says: «You know, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand!», — laughs Simonova.

Kseniya’s live performance in Bangkok was planned on the beginning of November, but because of the floods which happened then, the show was rearranged for the beginning of January 2012.

«When we came to the place of my performance, I was very surprised to know that in the Royal Pavilion of Bangkok (BOI, the place where the national celebrations of King’s Anniversary took place) there was a special Hall built for my show. It was so honorable», — says Kseniya. — «Actually, everything that I saw there was arranged — technically and emotionally — on the highest level ever. I could compare it only with the level of „Eurovision’s“ organization process which I saw in Dusseldorf, Germany. All I can say is „Bravo!“ For example for retranslation of my performance on a big screen, the Thai team used five cameras — one for shooting the table itself with the sand story on it, one — for shooting my face and posture, one — for shooting the hands, like a micro-shooting, and two — for different panorama tricks. The images from the five cameras were edited LIVE and immediately retranslated on the screen. That made the picture very dynamical and unusual, as if it was a cinema! In two days I performed four times and received a great experience of how disciplined and concentrated the Thai team worked with my show. Everything — from the work of operators to the work of the make-up artist and hair-stylist was absolutely perfect!»

The first performance of Kseniya Simonova in the Royal Pavilion was for the daughter of the King, Her Royal Highnesty Princess Sirindhorn, in the presence of the members of Royal Family, Ministers and other members of the Thai elite. His Majesty the King was in the hospital and didn’t take part in the celebration. «Everything there had a warm, loving atmosphere. Despite of the rules and the protocol, I had a very unofficial talk with Her Highnesty, she gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from His Majesty as a present. In turn, I was happy to give to the Princess and Her Royal Father two discs with my sand film about Rama IX «Long Live the King!»

On the next day after that Kseniya and her Team were honored to receive the excursion round the King’s Palace from one of the relatives of His Majesty Lady Thapuying Putrie Vivavaidhaya. She has also give the Sand Artist a special memory sign with the image of the Royal Herb of Rama IX.

«We had an amazing excursion!» — smiles Kseniya, — «it was very private and unique — Lady Putrie took us to the places where the tourists are not allowed to enter. We have heard the story of the Dynasty, the facts which can be a material for the whole book. The Palace is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life! This trip was extremely inspiring, now my imagination is full of the Thai images!» — confesses the Artist. — «I am very thankful to Lady Putrie for this experience! She was also very kind to my son and my Team — we received very nice presents from this generous Person.»

The organizators of the Royal show issued a set of the postcards with the episodes of Kseniya’s sand story which all the spectators could purchase in the memory of this Celebration:

«I was very surprised when I saw them», — says Kseniya, — «It is another piece of honor and attention of the Thai side. I was allowed to take some of these postcards to my family. All of them admitted the excellent quality of the cards».

Kseniya’s performance was shown on the Television of Thailand, so many people recognized her in the airport, at shops and in the streets.

«We didn’t want to leave, and they didn’t want us to go. But I know we will return there with my son!»

During the time in Bangkok, Kseniya’s Team SIMONOVA.TV shot a film about all their adventures in Thailand, about the performance, excursion and backstage moments. Now it is in the process of editing and soon will appear on Kseniya’s YouTube accounts — and Xensand.

In a few days Kseniya Simonova will have a performance on Tokio, Japan and then will leave for Florence, Italy.



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