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«It was a big honor for me to perform in Denmark and meet Her Royal Highness»

«It was a big honor for me to perform in Denmark and meet Her Royal Highness»

«It was a big honor for me to perform in Denmark and meet Her Royal Highness»

The Lady of the Sand became a special guest of the cultural festival «The Wadden Sea» in Denmark. This is a big festival of an alternative art, nature and culture which has been prepared for two years, and is patronized by Her Royal Highness Princess Maria.

At the Festival Kseniya presented her two brand new sand stories — «Love as Sea» and «Open Your Heart and Hear the Planet». The music for the performance was created by Kseniya’s big friends and creative partners — Ukrainian musical band V.O.D.A.

— This performance was very important for me, — Kseniya confesses. And very worrying. It concerns the complicity of the new sand stories and especially the fact that the Festival was opened personally by Her Royal Highness. After the opening of the festival I was presented to the Princess and we had an opportunity to speak in an informal atmosphere. She is a very good person and a beautiful woman. She likes alternative art, and when I asked whether she draws, she said that she prefers singing and dancing. It was a great honor for me to know that she has watched my sand stories on YouTube and she liked them. In turn, I told her about my old hobby — history. Studying the history of the Romanov’s Dynasty for a long time, I had opportunity to study materials about the Danish Royal Dynasty, because the mother of Nicolas II was a Danish Princess. Her Highness asked me how I came to this kind of art, what inspires me. When I told her that my biggest inspiration ar children and my son personally, she said that she understands that as she is a mother of two small kids. We came to an opinion that any woman — if she has children — is first of all a mother, and only after that an artist, or a business lady... «Or a Princess...» — her Highness smiled.

Kseniya’s performance took place in the very heart of Esbjerg — in Musical Theatre called Musikhusset. This extraordinary building in high-tech style was build by the same architect who has built the famous Opera.

— I hope my next performance in Denmark will be with my friends — V.O.D.A. band When I was performing in the Musikhusset, I was thinking of them. The hall has such a great acoustics that they would doubtlessly appreciate it!

«The Wadden Sea» festival made creative and extraordinary people meet together. Kseniya’s impact was highly appreciated by the Ministry of Culture of Denmark, and she was invited to perform at the next festival together with her friends — V.O.D.A. band.

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