Sand animation film “Israel” by Kseniya Simonova

Specially for Israel Independence Day sand artist Kseniya Simonova created this sand art film about Israel and history of Jewish people in 20th centure full of pain and sorrow. Sand animation was inspired by beautiful song by Ofra Haza “Jerusalaim”.

14.05.2018 | Simonova.TV

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST in Portugal - amazing postcard in sand art by Kseniya Simonova

This sand art postcard was created SPECIALLY for Eurovision in Lisbon for the song of the Portugal's participart Claudia Pasqoal and her song "O, Jardim". Sand artist Kseniya Simonova has performed in Portugal many times and is happy to say she is in love with this country, its music and culture.

11.05.2018 | Simonova.TV

Big project of Guy Mendilow and Kseniya Simonova in US

Lady of the Sand and American composer and musician Guy Mendilow released the first video of a big project "The Tales of the Forgotten Kingdom" which will include live show in US, internet version, lectures, and many other things.

13.04.2018 | Simonova.TV

Kseniya Simonova has performed in Athens, biggest concert hall of Greece “Megaron”

​Sand artist Kseniya Simonova has brought her sand show to Greece, Athens. She was invited to perform by famous Greek composer Dimitris Maragopulos. Simonova brought her 1-hour show with the most famous sand

stories which brought her fame after winning "Ukraine's Got Talent", as well as the brand new sand stories. For example, in Athens she made a premiere of her sand animation "Eternal Greece" about Greek history.

21.03.2018 | Simonova.TV

Kseniya Simonova has performed in Sweden, Karlstad with her new sand animation programm

​Kseniya Simonova has become a special guest of the Trettondags Concert and Ball in Swedish city Karlstad. She performed live with Wermland opera orchestra directed by conductor Marie Rosenmir.

12.01.2018 | Simonova.TV

Christmas animation by Kseniya Simonova

Sand artist Kseniya Simonova presents a Christmas gift animation as a live postcard created in liqued color sand animation.

05.01.2018 | Simonova.TV

Success of sand artist Kseniya Simonova in Brussels

​Sand artist Kseniya Simonova has performed in Brussels together with Belgian National Orchestra in Palais de Beaux Arts. She has recreated in sand the story of the Nutcracker, famous fairy-tale on the music of Petr Tchaikovsky.

04.01.2018 | Simonova.TV

Sand film by Kseniya Simonova became the winner of Palm Springs International Festival in USA

​Sand animation film "Angel on the Seashore" created by Kseniya Simonova

together with Italian composer Giuseppe Morgante became the winner in

nomination "Sand and Salt Animation" of Palm Springs International

Festival in USA. The film was devoted to a little refugee biy Aylan

Kurdi who died in the age of 3.

11.12.2017 | Simonova.TV

Sand artist Kseniya Simonova devoted live performance to Salvador Sobral, winner of Eurovision-2017

Sand artist and "Ukraine's Got Talent" winner Kseniya Simonova became a special guest of the "Impossivel" live TV-show hosted by famous illusionist Luis de Matos in Portugal. Kseniya performed her sand animation story about Portugal, its sights and people. Accompanied with a piano variation of Eurovision-2017 winner's song "Amar Pelos Dois", this story drawn with sand was devoted to the singer Salvador Sobral to wish him health and soon recovery.

06.10.2017 | Simonova.TV

Kseniya Simonova will perform in Portugal

​Sand artist and winner of "Ukraine's Got Talent" Kseniya Simonova will become a special guest of a big TV-series show "IMPOSSIVEL" ("Impossible") which will be broadcasted by national broadcasting channel RTP1. Kseniya will perform live together with syphony orchestra playing the instrumental version of "Amar Pelos Dois" - song of Eurovision-2017 winner Salvador Sobral.

28.09.2017 | Simonova.TV

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